Fiddle Creek Dairy Yoghurt – Yum!

Yogurt or Yoghurt?  Doesn’t really matter as long as it is from Fiddle Creek Dairy in Quarryville, PA.  Tim, Frances and baby Eli have been producing Greek and Swiss style yoghurts for just over one year and Lancaster County residents are pleased.  How do I know, because they have had to increase production to keep up demand – a sure sign of approval.

Yoghurt, created by the bacterial fermentation of milk, is one of those GI super foods.  The fermentation process creates lactic acid, which is reputed to promote good “gut health” and overall well-being.  Sauerkraut and kefir, as well as other lacto-fermented vegetables, provide similar benefits.

IMG_1038Fiddle Creek Dairy is a micro-dairy, milking 13 cows per day.  The cows are grass fed, and produce enough milk to make 140 gallons of yoghurt per week.  The yoghurt is sold in glass jars, which are reusable and recyclable (but unfortunately not returnable, due to stiff sanitary regulations).

Tim and Frances are assisted by 2-3 part-time human helpers, 2 goats (mowers), 2 chickens (rototillers), and several cats (rodent control) to manage the 50+ acre farm.

Stop in and pick up a pint or a quart of yoghurt goodness today!


Wendy Brister

Wendy Brister is a freelance garden writer and marketing consultant specializing in vegetable gardening, native plants, and sustainable landscaping.

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