Purple Corn Bread Made With Locally-Grown Heirloom Purple Corn Meal

Check out this article and recipe for Purple Corn Bread from Roberta Strickler of Mindful Via Yoga:

Purple corn meal got its start way back in the Incan Empire in Peru. (I’ve been to Peru and know there is something powerful and mysterious about these Incan people. Let’s just guess that their prowess may have been supported by their diet, supporting them as they create monuments of huge scope way up top on the hills of the Andes.)

In today’s nomenclature, this is a Superfood that surpasses even blueberries when it comes to supplying anthrocyanins–the source of antioxidants that are known for anti-inflammatory properties and connective tissue regeneration. What better food could we turn to when we want to cool down the Fire of Pitta dosha, keeper of healthy skin. Before I share a recipe or two with you, let’s look at just two reasons why this food is a balancing “medicine” for doshas. Summer–Pitta’s high season–is just around the corner after Easter comes and goes–and healthy skin in summer is always a challenge. Meanwhile, cool, moist springtime is still with us (Kapha time), so it’s a good time to acknowledge that Kapha governs the connective tissue between brain cells, where past memories are stored.

Click through for the recipe! Re-posted with permission from Mindfulness Via Yoga.

Erin Dorney

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