Sending Flowers? Why not send something more useful?

A family friend recently lost his mother.  While the traditional response would be a card and flowers, I was hesitant.  I perused the online flower vendors, knowing that nothing is in season right now (how could it be under all this snow and ice).  It just didn’t seem right to spend $75 on flowers that might be enjoyed for a week.  Light bulb!  Time to visit Lemon Street Market!

The loss of a close family member presents with stress and sadness, I needed something to counteract that.  And so was born my “Sympathy Gift Bag”.  I started with a reusable market bag – the Monarch Butterfly seemed ideal as my friend is an avid gardener.  Next I found some sweetness with raw local honey and goat milk caramel sauce.  A bottle of Ginger Shrub was added plus a bag of local beef jerky (talk about consoling food – beef jerky).

The last thing you want to happen when you are grieving is to catch a cold.  Everyone needs a bottle of elderberry syrup in their arsenal.  And the cold weather might force you indoors, so you just might need some local Daisy Flour for baking, right?  Last but not least I wanted a treat for the family dog.  Lancaster Dog Goods to the rescue with sweet potato treats.

Scanning the shelves, I began to visualize my next gift bag – the “Diabetic Birthday Gift Bag” for my father-in-law.  Happy shopping!

Wendy Brister

Wendy Brister is a freelance garden writer and marketing consultant specializing in vegetable gardening, native plants, and sustainable landscaping.

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