A Delightful Thanksgiving Dinner – We Can Help Make You Look Good!

Local, pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey.

Local, pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanksgiving dinners have historically been elaborate and time consumingparticularly intimidating for new cooks. Between the volume of food to be prepared and the pressure of timing each dish correctly, Thanksgiving can be extremely stressful.

Have No FearLemon Street Market is Here!

We are currently taking pre-orders for all of your Thanksgiving menu needs. Yes, we have it allvarious options to complement everyone’s level of cooking ability.

For the novice chef (or, the chef who might be short on time), we have ready-made side dishes, breads, and desserts. You can’t beat a “heat and eat” meal, right? Especially one that is sourced with ingredients from our storelocal, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, fair trade, etc. Options include traditional staples of sweet potato dishes, jazzy fall vegetable dishes, and even more ambitious quiches and salads which are sure to please even the most selective foodie in your group.

For the chef who wants to actually put the pieces together, but would like some assistance, we have “kits” available this year. Similar in concept to Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, we provide the recipes (which are some of our favorites that we serve in our own homes), pre-measured ingredients, and easy-to-follow instructions for appetizers, sides, and even dessert. Maybe we could call this service “Lemon Fresh”if you like this idea, we would consider selling kits on a regular basis for your dinner needs all year long, so let us know!

For the more experienced chef, we have the turkeys. Local, pasture raised turkeys, that is. We are offering three price points, from different suppliers who manage their flocks in slightly different wayseach one resulting in a wonderfully delicious bird that will WOW your dinner guests. Bread cubes and stuffing mixes will complete your Thanksgiving bird, available in both traditional and gluten free options.

As a time saver for 2016 we are offering an online store for pre-orders. By visiting www.bit.ly/LSMthanks you will be able to put a deposit on the turkey of your choice or prepay for sides, appetizers, bakery items, and dessertsall from the comfort of your home. You can also pick up a printed order form at the store and return it to any cashier (or print and return this PDF). The deadline for pre-orders is Friday, November 18 and items can be picked up at the store on Tuesday, November 22 and Wednesday, November 23.

Don’t forgetwhen your buy your ingredients and meal items from Lemon Street Market, you are supporting local farmers, local businesses and local families.



Wendy Brister

Wendy Brister is a freelance garden writer and marketing consultant specializing in vegetable gardening, native plants, and sustainable landscaping.

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