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A Guide to Winter Citrus

The dark, dreary days of winter have arrived. Luckily, so has citrus—bringing a beautiful burst of color, taste, and immune-system-boosting vitamins and nutrients. Chock full of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and folic acid, citrus fruit can be enjoyed alone or incorporated into recipes, beverages, and even baked goods.

When selecting your fruit at the store, pick it up—heavier fruit contains more juice. Most citrus keeps best when refrigerated, but if you’re planning to juice it, bring the fruit to room temperature so that the juice is easier to extract. Fruit zest can be stored in the freezer and used as needed.

Choosing between organic and non-organic citrus? Research has shown that organic oranges contain significantly higher amounts of vitamin C than non-organic. You can also avoid artificial dyes (injected to give fruit a brighter color) and petroleum-based wax coating (to protect from bruising in transit) by choosing to purchase organic citrus when possible.

Cara Cara Navel Orange

Tastes: Very sweet with low acid, more complex than a traditional navel orange, with notes of cherry, rose petal, and blackberry
Nutrients: 150% DV vitamin C; 30% DV vitamin A; 15% DV folate
Try it: Cara Cara Orange and Avocado Salad


Tastes: Sour to semi-sweet
Nutrients: 120% DV vitamin C; 53% DV vitamin A; 15% DV fiber
Try it: Dice and combine with cilantro and chili peppers for a unique salsa


Tastes: Sour and acidic
Nutrients: 139% DV vitamin C; 20% DV fiber; 7% DV calcium
Try it: Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic
Bonus! Mix with baking soda to remove stains from plastic food storage containers


Tastes: Bitter and acidic
Nutrients: 32% DV vitamin C; 8% DV fiber
Try it: Garlic Lime Hummus

Meyer Lemon

Tastes: Moderately acidic, sweeter than regular lemons with hints of spicy bergamot
Nutrients: Vitamin C; antioxidants
Try it: Candied Meyer Lemons


Tastes: Sweet, mild, and tangy but not bitter
Nutrients: 193% DV vitamin C; 8% DV fiber
Try it: Pomelo Citrus Bars

Minneola Tangelo

Tastes: Sweet with a mild tartness
Nutrients: 45% DV vitamin C; 4% DV potassium, calcium and magnesium; 8% DV fiber
Try it: Minneola Tangelos In Green Smoothie Recipes


Tastes: Tart, tangy, and slightly sweet
Nutrients: 60% DV vitamin C
Try it: Clementine-Vanilla-Bean Quick Bread

What’s your favorite kind of citrus? If you have questions, please get in touch! We typically carry the varieties described above at Lemon Street Market (along with other seasonal citrus including Kumquats, Satsumas, and more).

Erin Dorney

Erin Dorney is a freelance writer and marketing consultant.

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