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Since 2004, Wild for Salmon has been fishing Bristol Bay, Alaska and bringing customers sustainably caught, flash-frozen sockeye salmon. Until the end of January, Lemon Street Market shoppers can save $1.00 on 2-packs of Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Burgers or Feta-Dill Burgers. You will find no fillers, flour, or gluten in these delicious 4 ounce patties—just 100% salmon. Wild For Salmon is owned and operated by Steve and Jenn Kurian of Bloomsburg, PA.

Wild-caught salmon from Alaska is listed as one of the fish on the Super Green list from Seafood Watch. Developed by experts in human health, including scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), fish on the Super Green list have levels of mercury below 216 parts per billion, provide at least 250 milligrams per day of omega-3s, and are classified as a Seafood Watch “Best Choice.”

Farm-raised salmon, on the other hand, often contains a variety of yucky stuff—higher fat content (because the fish are crammed into small tanks), fewer omega-3s, GMO feed, and chemicals and dyes to give the salmon a bright pink hue and fight off diseases.

How to Cook Your Burgers

If you’re going to cook on a skillet or grill, thaw your salmon burgers a day ahead of time. Then preheat your skillet/grill, lightly oil the cooking surface and the burger, and cook 2-3 minutes per side. You’re looking to achieve a well crisped exterior and still-juicy middle.

Cooking in the oven? Preheat the broiler, then cook your burgers in an oven-safe dish 4-5″ away from the broiler element. After two minutes, flip the burgers and continue cooking for 1-2  minutes or until your patties become crispy on the surface.

The oils found in salmon are your dense source of fatty acids, protein, and nutrients—the good stuff—so don’t cook them all out!

Wild for Salmon Burger 2-packs: $1 off
Alaska Sockeye Salmon & Feta Dill Sockeye Salmon
On sale until the end of January (no rainchecks)
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