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Lemon Street Market

Lemon Street Market is a full-service grocery store located just off the corner of Mulberry and Lemon Street in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. Our store focuses on sustainable and healthy living, with many local, organic, vegan, and gluten-free options. We’re open 7 days a week, including our kitchen, serving coffee, tea, espresso, fresh juices, smoothies, hot soup, and takeout items.

Our store carries two or three brands of each product, locally and regionally produced whenever possible. Stocking decisions are made by considering many factors, including if a product is organic or fair trade; if the ingredients are GMO-free; or if packaging is biodegradable or BPA-free. We offer a variety of produce, meat and fish (frozen), cheese, eggs, baked goods, baking items, bulk foods (pasta, rice, quinoa, etc), household and cleaning supplies (including bulk options), gardening supplies, snacks, gifts, and more.

Lemon Street Market is owned by Patricia Haverstick of Abundant Earth, LLC. The store was initially conceptualized in 2011 through a collaboration of four local businesses: Abundant Earth; Abundant Earth Kitchen; Soleil Luna Company; and Green Circle Organics (who you can still find at Lancaster’s Central Market).

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