Frequently Asked Questions


What does Lemon Street Market carry?

Lemon Street Market carries a wide variety of products (more than 2000 items) to serve a diverse population with a variety of needs. We sell an excellent selection of organic fruits and vegetables, groceries, health food, household items, pet products, housewares, gift items and more.


What does Fair Trade mean?

Fair Trade is a global trade model that allows shoppers to quickly identify products that were produced in an ethical manner. For consumers, Fair Trade offers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their everyday shopping. For farmers and workers in developing countries, Fair Trade offers better prices, improved terms of trade, and the business skills necessary to produce high-quality products that can compete in the global marketplace. Fair Trade principles include fair prices, fair labor conditions, direct trade, democratic and transparent organizations, community development, and environmental sustainability.


Do you take special orders?

Absolutely! We take special orders year round – visit our Special Orders page to learn more.


Will a wheelchair fit reasonably well in your aisles?

Lemon Street Market has one van-accessible ADA compliant parking space out front, and our first floor and bathroom are sized to accommodate wheelchairs. However, only a quarter to a third of our store is located on the first floorthere is no access to the second floor for wheelchairs.


What does “local honey” mean?

Local is a very relative word. Most of our honey is from Pennsylvania, most even closer (BeeBee’s All Naturals, Honeybee Creations, The Family Cow). However, in the dead of winter, Stockin’s sometimes runs out of local honeytheir honey is a mix of honey from Pennsylvania and New York.


Is the meat at Lemon Street Market organic?

Some of the meat at Lemon Street Market is organic, some of it is not. Often, we work with small, local farmers who do not want to go through the expense or hassle of certifying their farm. Much of the meat we carry is grown using organic methods. All of the grass-fed cattle graze on fields of non-GMO grasses that are not sprayed with chemicals. All of the chicken is either organic or pastured—some of the pastured chickens are supplemented with grain that may contain GMOs. Pork from OasisNorth Mountain Pastures, and Mirror Image Farm is grown with organic methods (supplemental grain does not contain GMOs), while pork from Sweet Stem Farm is grown humanely. Please ask about specific products if you have questions.


Do you sell raw butter or raw yogurt?

In Pennsylvania, retailers are not allowed to sell raw butter or raw yogurt. Raw butter and raw yogurt can be purchased from farmers directly.


Is the Store Room open?

Yes! At the top of the stairs, to the right, is the “Store Room.” The Store Room is an extension of the market that houses frozen items, bulk items, health and personal care items, spices, and more. Wander back and check it out!


What is vat pasteurization?

Vat pasteurization is milk that has been put into a vat and heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes, which doesn’t kill all of the nutrients in the milk (and many people think the flavor is better). In the usual pasteurization process, milk is heated to 212 degrees for a few seconds. You will still see cream on the top of the Oasis pasteurized milk, and it should be shaken before poured.


Why is my non-homogenized milk chunky?

Homogenized milk is milk with the fat particles broken up and dispersed uniformly so the cream will not rise—therefore, non-homogenized milk is minimally processed and the cream can (and probably will) separate. Sometimes it will rise to the top of the bottle, sometimes it will form chunks in the milk. Either way, shaking the bottle can help to re-mix the cream and the milk. The same goes for chocolate milk from Oasis Creamery—give it a shake and you’re good to go!


How many vendors do you carry?

Hundreds… and we’re not kidding. Lemon Street Market carries products from local and national vendors, all of them hand-selected in order to promote sustainable, healthy living.


Do you have a question about Lemon Street Market? Email us at info[at]lemonstreetmarket.com.